17. – 28.  June  2024  in  Germany

AniMove 2024

Join our summer workshop  from June 17 until June 28, 2024 in Germany at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. This course is recommended for people with advanced to very advanced programming skill level in R. (PhD, Postdoc and Professionals)

A summer programme with leading researchers for you to expand your knowledge and to take the opportunity to form networks and friendships with academics and students from around the world. Our workshop will take place in Radolfzell, Germany, at beautiful Lake Constance. One hour from Austria and only half an hour drive from Switzerland. 




Please include a letter of interest including your expectations towards the course, your CV, a description of your data and research questions that you hope to address during Animove


Cost, 2,000 Euro 

AniMove is a non-profit initiative, all lecturers are not paid. Fees are only used to cover expenses.

The fees include:

  • Instruction, course participation and course material
  • Interesting evening plenary talks
  • Certificate
  • Accommodation in double occupancy
  • Welcome Dinner and Farewell Dinner
  • Meals and drinks (non-alcoholic beverages) for the two weeks (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, snacks, and refreshments)


Course Content

  • Remote sensing
  • Movement Ecology
  • Movement analysis
  • Continuous time movement models
  • Segmentation
  • GPS logger data manipulation, raster data classification
  • Visualisation of movement and environmental data

Course structure

  • Limited to 20 to 24 participants
  • Two week course where total teaching hours (including lectures, seminars and independent work) amounts to 120 hours. 
  • The course is centered around on-hands working on own data sets.
  • The first week is more teaching heavy, to bring all the participants up to the same level, while the second week is focusing on working on the data sets that the participants have brought along to work with. An advanced to very advanced programming skill level in R is required from the participants.
  • Saturday and Sunday are at your free disposal


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