Animal Movement.
Environmental Data.
Science School.


Learn how to analyze animal movement data.


Combine animal movement information and remotely sensed environmental data

Science School

Two weeks science school with courses and working on own projects

Open Source

Only open-source software will be used and all materials shared with the participants

Apply different analysis

understand movement patterns and driving factors



What We Offer.
Our Skills.

We offer two weeks of intensive course and project work to learn how to analyze animal movement data and combine it with remote sensing environmental data.

AniMove is a collective of international researchers with extensive experience in the topics of animal movement analysis, remote sensing and/or conservation. It is a two-week intensive training course for studying animal movement in conjunction with environmental parameters derived from remote sensing for conservation application. AniMove is a non-profit training initiative run by volunteers of various organisations such as MPI, JMU, SCBI or BIK-F.

  • 100% Open Source 100%
  • 100% Applied Research School 100%
  • 100% Interaction 100%

maximum number of participants

AniMove is a ground-breaking capacity-building contribution [… ] great opportunities for students to learn about the cutting edge of movement ecology and the important insights which it opens for conservation

Tom Brooks

Director, IUCN Science and Knowledge


rsMove R package

A new R package to ease the analysis of animal movement and remote sensing or any kind of spatial environmental data has been published. The rsMove package so far provides the following functions: Dynamic analysis of environmental change (spatial and temporal) Dynamic...

new moveVis package version with environmental statistics

the moveVis package is on CRAN with new functionality: the corresponding environmental values can be shown for the whole extent, as cumulative values per individual or across the whole group or just the average value of the last n steps to highlight changes in...

ctmm webapp

The ctmm R package is now available as webapp v0.0.5 beta for use and testing at Video tutorials can be found here: If you wish to install the app locally...

moveVis R package released

we are happy to announce the release of the R package "moveVis" for animal movement visualization. Beside the simple animation of movement path also static or dynamic remote sensing data can be included to visualize the dependencies of movement and environmental...

AniMove T-Shirts and cups

we updated our AniMove webshop with our new logo. If you like to get some AniMove Tshirts or cups, please have a look here: AniMove attendees will get anyways some notepads and pens, but maybe you also like to show up in an AniMove...

moveVis() R package

a first version of the moveVis() R package for animating animal movement tracks with static or dynamic remote sensing data is nearly ready for the CRAN submission. The new package allows to animate your tracks on a blank landscape, a landscape with a static map such...