recurse package published in Ecography

The recurse R package by Chloe Bracis, one of our core members, got published in Ecography. From the abstract: "Animals regularly return to locations such as foraging patches, nests, dens, watering holes, or movement corridors, and these revisited locations are often...

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open PhD position: animal movement for remote sensing

PhD position animal movement and remote sensing – exploring innovative in-situ data This research project focuses on the analysis of animal movement tracks for deriving new, innovative remote sensing products. Novel methods or a new combination of established methods...

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rsMove R package update

An update for rsMove is now available on CRAN. rsMove was designed to support movement ecologists in the selection and handling of remote sensing data. This package helps select study sites, guides the choice of satellite data by quantifying the influence of its...

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recurse R package released

We happy to announce the release of the recurse package on CRAN. The recurse package analyzes animal trajectory data for returns to a previously visited area and calculates associated metrics like residence time, time between visits, and entrance and exit times.

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AniMove 2018

Our next AniMove summerschool will be from September 10th to September 21th 2018 at MPI in Germany. The 2 intensive weeks of lectures on coding courses in R will provide you with in-depth knowledge of spatial data analysis such as animal movement, GIS and remote...

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