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AniMove 2016: November at BIK-F

Due to the high amount of applications for our September AniMove at MPI we decided to organize a second AniMove at BIK-F in Germany.

The application deadline is June 5th 2016!


books: related to AniMove topics

in Chapter 14 the book "Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists - using Open Source software" is covering the theory and practice how to integrate remote sensing and animal movement analysis. It provides a very good start into animal movement analysis and remote sensing using R and the previous chapters are also very valuable for AniMove members, because they provide a nice and easy start into the complex topic of working with remote sensing data.

Another book solely dedicated to animal movement analysis by K. Safi and B. Kranstauber will be available soon.

There is already a preview available of the content - please have a look at it. It will provide detailed R codes to conduct all necessary analysis.

Another book was just published by Arild Gautestad on "Animal Space Use" and is covering some basic concepts of statistical mechanics and a range of thought-provoking ideas.


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