Animal Movement.
Environmental Data.
Science School.


Learn how to analyze animal movement data.


Combine animal movement information and remotely sensed environmental data

Science School

Two weeks science school with courses and working on own projects

Open Source

Only open-source software will be used and all materials shared with the participants

Apply different analysis

understand movement patterns and driving factors



What We Offer.
Our Skills.

AniMove is a ground-breaking capacity-building contribution [… ] great opportunities for students to learn about the cutting edge of movement ecology and the important insights which it opens for conservation

Tom Brooks

Director, IUCN Science and Knowledge

We offer two weeks of intensive course and project work to learn how to analyze animal movement data and combine it with remote sensing environmental data.

AniMove is a collective of international researchers with extensive experience in the topics of animal movement analysis, remote sensing and/or conservation. It is a two-week intensive training course for studying animal movement in conjunction with environmental parameters derived from remote sensing for conservation application. AniMove is a non-profit training initiative run by volunteers of various organisations such as MPI, JMU, SCBI or BIK-F.

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  • 100% Applied Research School 100% 100%
  • 100% Interaction 100% 100%

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specialized ctmm AniMove at SCBI

The AniMove “statistics for animal tracking data” at Smithsonian is a 5 day professional training course, that targets students, researchers and conservation practitioners that have collected animal relocation data and want to learn how to analyze these...

AniMove 2018 group picture

Our great group of AniMove 2018 attendees and lecturers at Max-Planck-Institute of Ornithology, close to Lake Konstanz, Germany. pictures taken by Anna-Lena Hendel and Kamran Safi

AniMove 2018 keynotes and lecturers

During AniMove 2018 at the Max-Planck Institute in Möggingen, Germany, we had very inspiring keynotes so far by Dan Rubenstein, Meg Crofoot or Iain Couzin. During the day the AniMove attendees learned a variety of state-of-the-art animal...

AniMove 2018 time table, icebreaker and lectures

AniMove 2018 at MPI for Ornithology started with perfect weather and a great keynote by Martin Wikelski, director of the MPI-O. Our science speed dating was fun again - talking to every participant for 3 minutes and getting a first idea of her/his research...

Venue for AniMove 2018 being prepared

The MPI (Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology) in Möggingen, close to Lake Konstanz, the venue for our next AniMove science schools is currently prepared to host 20 participants and AniMove lecturers. Personalized AniMove cups, pens, sticker and college...

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