Animal Movement.
Environmental Data.
Science School.


Learn how to analyze animal movement data.


Combine animal movement information and remotely sensed environmental data

Science School

Two weeks science school with courses and working on own projects

Open Source

Only open-source software will be used and all materials shared with the participants

Apply different analysis

understand movement patterns and driving factors



What We Offer.
Our Skills.

We offer two weeks of intensive course and project work to learn how to analyze animal movement data and combine it with remote sensing environmental data.

AniMove is a collective of international researchers with extensive experience in the topics of animal movement analysis, remote sensing and/or conservation. It is a two-week intensive training course for studying animal movement in conjunction with environmental parameters derived from remote sensing for conservation application. AniMove is a non-profit training initiative run by volunteers of various organisations such as MPI, JMU, SCBI or BIK-F.

  • 100% Open Source 100%
  • 100% Applied Research School 100%
  • 100% Interaction 100%

maximum number of participants

AniMove is a ground-breaking capacity-building contribution [… ] great opportunities for students to learn about the cutting edge of movement ecology and the important insights which it opens for conservation

Tom Brooks

Director, IUCN Science and Knowledge


recurse R package released

We happy to announce the release of the recurse package on CRAN. The recurse package analyzes animal trajectory data for returns to a previously visited area and calculates associated metrics like residence time, time between visits, and entrance and exit times.

AniMove 2018

Our next AniMove summerschool will be from September 10th to September 21th 2018 at MPI in Germany. The 2 intensive weeks of lectures on coding courses in R will provide you with in-depth knowledge of spatial data analysis such as animal movement, GIS and remote...

Postdoctoral fellowship (2-year) in Movement and Spatial Ecology

A Postdoctoral fellowship (2-year) in Movement and Spatial Ecology for tracking wildlife and land cover change across Laikipia, Kenya, is announced by our partners at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute: This is a re-posting of a previously advertised...

AniMove 2017 group

The second week of AniMove is full of individual project work with many specific approaches, challenges and obstacles. Many of the learned methods from the last week are now applied to own animal movement data sets and approaches discussed with the AniMove lecturers....