We are happy to announce the release of the recurse package on CRAN. You can install it with install.packages("recurse"). The recurse package analyzes animal trajectory data for returns to a previously visited area and calculates associated metrics like residence time, time between visits, and entrance and exit times. Revisited sites are frequently ecologically significant, such as dens/nests/roosts, foraging areas, watering holes, or other important resources.

Here is a simple demonstration using simulated data. The package supports single or multiple individuals and works with basic data frames or Move or MoveStack objects.
martinvisit = getRecursions(martin, radius = 2)
plot(martinvisit, martin)

Number of revisits plot

Some examples of analyses possible with the recurse package:

  • Identify frequently-used locations across one or multiple individuals
  • Pre-specify locations of interest or examine all trajectory locations
  • Visit-level analysis of time of day, duration, time since last visit, etc. and combine with other information (e.g, behavioral segmentation)
  • Spatially/temporally coincident visit covariates (e.g., NDVI, temperature, snow etc.)
  • Intervisit interval consistency at and across locations

More information and code examples are available in the vignette or the package documentation. Please try it out and let us know what you think.

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