the well-known moveVis R package for visualizing animal movement tracks together and with static or dynamic environmental information has been fully rewritten in order to address the shortcomings of the previous version.

Most important changes:

  • actual animation is done at the end after all design elements are set, hence you can check the frames beforehand, adapt them before actually running the movie or gif command
  • much more flexible colour coding: you can now add any information for the track colours not just single colours for single individuals
  • you can now easily add other spatial features which can also change their position over time e.g. expansion of logging areas
  • all kinds of ggplot options can now be added to a moveVis animation, that also includes the statistics graph design options
  • the statistic graphs can now also provide other information than the ones in the map e.g. another corresponding temporal pattern that is not shown in the map
  • and many other changes visible and unvisible to the user

Please check for details and examples. Especially the numerous new commands (formerly all within one command) allow much more individual custimization but also come with higher variability and complexity.

moveVis 0.10.0 is currently only available via GitHub and will soon be submitted to CRAN. Hence, either install it via git as explained there or wait until this version is available via CRAN.

We are happy to get feedback about your moveVis 0.10.x experiences through the moveVis git wish/bug tracker.

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