guidelines and philosophy

AniMove is a non-profit training initiative run by volunteers of various organisations. Our goal is to teach how to analyse animal movement data especially in combination with environmental predictors acquired through remote sensing.

The following document aims to inform about and define standards for standard AniMove courses organized by AniMove board members as well as guest hosts.

Regardless of where AniMove takes place, board members are responsible for:

  • the schedule of the courses
  • the definition of its content
  • the selection of the participants
  • the selection of keynote speakers
  • the definition of the number/length of stay of lecturers

The following points are mandatory for any AniMove course:

  • any AniMove course may only take place with at least one board member present and with approval of the AniMove board (see webpage of board members)
  • AniMove does does not want nor is allowed to make any profit
  • AniMove is not responsible for finances, stipends or funding. AniMove is not in charge of applying to funding schemes to fund a course. Venue hosts have to be in charge of that if required
  • course room/working space for all participants
  • lecture room for keynotes (usually in the evening)
  • accommodation for lecturers (single rooms if possible, if not: shared with other lecturer, not with participants) as well as keynote speakers
  • all expenses of lecturers and keynote speakers are fully covered (travel, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • the fees of the participants are only covering the actual expenses of course (no indirect costs for the host can be charged)
  • a maximum of around 20 participants to ensure a good supervision

Additionally, we would like to maintain the philosophy that:

  • ratio of participants to lecturer should be well balanced (support by local scientists working in the AniMove field is desirable to ensure a good support ratio and limit overseas travel)
  • environmental standards should be ensured (no/less plastic usage, sustainable food, reduction of flights for keynote lecturers or compensation of flights)
  • keynote speakers should be from close by (see environmental standards)

Specifically to ensure a productive working environment, AniMove needs:

  • socialising options (rooms, activities)
  • room for meeting to continue working should be available 24/7 (esp. for participants)

Concerning infrastructure we require:

  • tables for all participants including power access
  • Wifi/LAN access (with bandwidth sufficient for downloading gigabyte environmental data)
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