AniMove workshop and symposium 2015



Technological advances have greatly increased our ability to track, study, and manage animal movements. The advanced analysis and combination of tracking and environmental data will be covered by a wide range of presentations and workshops. The workshop and symposium is hosted and organised by MPI-O, Germany.

 September 21th-25th 2015

20th-27th 2015

The workshop and symposium targets especially AniMove alumnis or colleagues with advanced AniMove coding skills and you are invited to present your latest results and offer workshops on specific topics. Moreover well known colleagues working on newest advances concerning AniMove research will be invited for talks and specialized workshops. We have space for approx. 40 attendees, a very good understanding of animal movement, remote sensing and R handling is required.

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology

Group picture of the AniMove workshop attendees.

The presentations by attendees should cover their latest findings and challenges and most important the presentations should focus on work-in-progress and allow discussions from fellow-AniMoves.

The workshop will cover technical as well as more theoretical themes. Workshops will be organised so that if suits the needs of AniMove attendees to develop their approaches further as well as to discuss with all attendees the road-ahead from a technical as well as application point of view.

We highly welcome discussions on how animal movement & remote sensing analysis can meet conservation needs or more in general ecological needs? What are the obstacles? What are the gaps? ….

Workshop organizers are among others:


  • Martin Wikelski
  • Iain Couzin
  • Kamran Safi
  • Justin Calabrese
  • Chris Flemming
  • Björn Reineking
  • Walter Jetz
  • Thomas Müller
  • Chloe Bracis
  • Bart Kranstauber
  • Andy Lyons
  • Thomas Hovestadt
  • Martin Wegmann
  • and others

Workshop themes will cover:

  • New advances in movement ecology
  • Road ahead: what is needed in the future
  • Approaching different issues in animal movement and remote sensing analysis.
  • New advances in R (new packages, functions)

Please submit workshop suggestions as well as suggestions of colleagues for these workshops or talks – we will try to meet as many requests as possible.


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All workshops will be announced when title, abstract and organizers are set.

Date, Venue and Fees

September 21th-25th 2015

University Konstanz at the department of the MPI for Ornithology, Germany – at lake Konstanz (map on our event  page for the workshop and symposium)

Participation fees are 200 EUR for the whole week (early bird registration until end of July, 300 EUR fees from August 1st onwards).

organised by Kamran Safi and Martin Wegmann (



Submit your workshop!

This AniMove workshop and symposium event is depending on your contribution, therefore please submit a workshop you would like to organise, e.g.:

  • potential and challenges to apply AniMove topics in real world nature conservation – clash of realities?
  • getting started – what are the most crucial things to consider?
  • moving animal movement statistics into the 3rd dimension – 3D home-ranges
  • how to use AniMove approaches in different systems such as stationary tracking systems?
  • how to incorporate movement interactions and group behaviour in species-environment interaction analysis?
  • what do we need from remote sensing – a call for more ecological meaningful parameters

Moreover if you have topics which you like to be covered but don’t want to lead it yourself, please submit a suggestion of a workshop theme as well as potential organizers (if known). Workshops can span an afternoon (approx. 4 hours) or across several days.

Please submit your proposal to”team @ name of the webpage”


Submit your abstract!

This AniMove will allow you to present your latest findings and – more importantly – problems you are facing (15min presentation). Please submit your abstract (max. 200 words) and keep in mind that you will present it to fellow AniMoves who are rather interested in data challenges presentations than shiny glossy “everything works and I have great results” presentations.

Please submit it to “team @ name of the webpage”



Any hotels within the city of Konstanz are suitable, the venue at the University of Konstanz can be reached by public transport. Alternatively the MPI guest house can be booked, a shuttle to Konstanz is provided. Please approach Elke Henkenhaf ( from MPI for bookings of the guest house . The MPI guest house has limited space and beds are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Room bookings will be cross-checked with the registration, so please register at the same time.

Alternatively Hotels, Youth Hostel or guest houses in Konstanz can be booked through the common booking portals. A list of some guest houses and hotels in the vicinity is compiled here.


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