After the cancellation of AniMove 2020 the AniMove core group met again last week and discussed if/how an AniMove in 2021 could take place. Unfortunately we concluded unanimously that it would not be possible to hold an international course in person in a safe and responsible way well into fall this year. This is further backed by the recommendations of the president of the Max-Planck Society (where the AnIMove 2020 and 2021 would have been hosted) issued a few days ago.

We have decided to postpone the course into early 2022. We are very sorry about that and will keep the acceptances of AniMove 2020 applications valid.

Please also do understand that we cannot offer the course online live, as the time zones stretch at least half way across the globe. However, we did and still do have intentions to record and make available parts of the course online, but again, as AniMove is a project that we do in our spare times and is not an integral part of our official (paid) job it might take a bit longer.

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