The invited keynotes for the upcoming AniMove are set. The following external speakers will hold a keynote at our summer school, further keynotes by AniMove members and MPI researchers will be added:

Sept. 12th:

Maëlle Salmon
“The birder’s guide to rOpenSci.”

Sept. 14th:

Francesca Cagnacci
“Walking down an uncertain path: the movement tactics continuum in large herbivores.”

Sept. 17th:

Silke Bauer
“Migratory animals link communities worldwide.”

Sept. 19th:

Claudia Künzer
“Global Environmental Change: the Potential of Earth Observation.”

and the director of the hosting institutions Martin Wikelski and Iain Couzin will do a welcome keynote as well.

thanks to Erin Buchholtz for the design idea

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