AniMove 2018 at MPI for Ornithology started with perfect weather and a great keynote by Martin Wikelski, director of the MPI-O. Our science speed dating was fun again – talking to every participant for 3 minutes and getting a first idea of her/his research is a great way to get an overview of research topics and the person. Different elephant movement research approaches, urban gull movement, dog movement for disease transmissions and many more topics were briefly introduced in this scientific speed dating. More details of each research project will be provided once all participants present their project work for the second week where they will apply learned methods from the first week.

Beside the keynote by Martin Wikelski about the past, current and future of animal movement analysis and techniques we already started with hands-on R coding for animal movement analysis using various open access movement data from by Anne Scharf and Kamran Safi.

Our schedule is roughly set but we are constantly changing the schedule and adapting it to the participants interests, especially the second week will provide very specific lectures on specialized topics requested by the participants.

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