a first version of the moveVis() R package for animating animal movement tracks with static or dynamic remote sensing data is nearly ready for the CRAN submission. The new package allows to animate your tracks on a blank landscape, a landscape with a static map such as a land cover classification (as seen on the left) or with a dynamic land cover data sets. The dynamic option allows to fit a remote sensing time-series with corresponding landscape information to the movement tracks. This can either be the NDVI or spectral information depending on the data you feed into the command.

The moveVis() R package has been written by Jakob Schwalb-Willmann a M.Sc. student from the EAGLE M.Sc. program.


We will announce when the moveVis() package is available through CRAN and can be installed easily in R. We are in the final stage to submit it to CRAN and will provide you with updates.

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