AniMove 2016 group picture at MPI in Möggingen with the lecturers Kamran Safi, Björn Reineking, James Cheshire, Justin Calabrese, Chloe Bracis, Chris Flemming and Martin Wegmann (from left to right) and Thomas Müller (behind the camera)


Kamran Safi and James Cheshire helping AniMove participants with R coding

Very intense days at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology at the Lake Konstanz, Germany, with AniMove courses and evening keynotes. The AniMove participants learn a huge diversity of animal movement techniques, spatial data analysis and remote sensing, all in open-source software R and QGIS. Great evening keynotes by the director Martin Wikelski and Iain Couzin present the vast variety of animal movement science. Further keynotes by James Cheshire ( show the power of visualization and further evening talks bymovement scientists such as Justin Calabrese provide in-depth information of animal movement potential and challenges.


Iain Couzin presenting recent research on group movement at AniMove

James Cheshire evening talk

James Cheshire evening talk

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