Successful AniMove at BIK-F finished

Two intense weeks of AniMove at BIK-F in Frankfurt successfully finished. The highly motivated and skilled attendees from various countries and studying movement patterns of various animals learned a wide range of animal movement analytics as well as spatial data handling and remote sensing. All approaches were explained in detail and all following analysis were done using actual data in an open source environment (R). We are very thankful to Thomas Müller and Chloe Bracis who organised the AniMove this time and we are looking forward to an exiting 2017 with one or more AniMoves! More details about upcoming AniMoves and respective application dates will be posted on our webpage soon. Moreover, we will also update our image galleries for the two AniMoves in 2017 over the christmas break. We hope all attendees apply the learned techniques successfully in their ongoing research and do not hesitate to ask about approaches or problems, especially with R code on your listserv:

Impressions of AniMove 2016 at MPI in Germany


AniMove 2016 group picture at MPI in Möggingen with the lecturers Kamran Safi, Björn Reineking, James Cheshire, Justin Calabrese, Chloe Bracis, Chris Flemming and Martin Wegmann (from left to right) and Thomas Müller (behind the camera)


Kamran Safi and James Cheshire helping AniMove participants with R coding

Very intense days at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology at the Lake Konstanz, Germany, with AniMove courses and evening keynotes. The AniMove participants learn a huge diversity of animal movement techniques, spatial data analysis and remote sensing, all in open-source software R and QGIS. Great evening keynotes by the director Martin Wikelski and Iain Couzin present the vast variety of animal movement science. Further keynotes by James Cheshire ( show the power of visualization and further evening talks bymovement scientists such as Justin Calabrese provide in-depth information of animal movement potential and challenges.


Iain Couzin presenting recent research on group movement at AniMove

James Cheshire evening talk

James Cheshire evening talk

AniMove course in 2016

rhino_freigestellt_Martin_WegmannWe are happy to announce the AniMove course in 2016!


AniMove will take place end of September in Germany, Lake Konstanz and the application deadline is March 1st. Looking forward to your submissions and to meet 20 of you next September. More details can be found here.

Upcoming AniMove in 2016

we decided during the last AniMove workshop and symposium to start organizing another AniMove at MPI next year. Moreover new lecturer joined us such as Chloe Bracis from BIF-F. Very happy to have her on board. Stay tuned and visit us again for updates.