AniMove newsletter: early 2017

updates on upcoming AniMove courses and related topics


AniMove logo

after many discussions and iterations we finally settled on an AniMove logo.

We realized that we cannot include all topics of AniMove such as computational ecology, remote sensing or tracking. We believe that this logo is nicely showing the general topic of AniMove.


next AniMove:

our next 2 week AniMove training on learning how to analyze animal movement pattern and link it to remotely sensed environmental information for applied ecology and conservation will take place in August-September at MPI in Germany.

application deadline is March 31st 2017

More details here:


past AniMove in 2016

We had two very successful AniMove courses last year at MPI and BIK-F with 50 attendees in total. All necessary theoretical and practical parts how animal movement data can be analyzed was covered using R. The two weeks very intense and the feedback of the participants was great. More impressions of these AniMoves will be uploaded soon on our webpage once we finished the webpage modifications.

Successful AniMove at BIK-F finished

Two intense weeks of AniMove at BIK-F in Frankfurt successfully finished. The highly motivated and skilled attendees from various countries and studying movement patterns of various animals learned a wide range of animal movement analytics as well as spatial data handling and remote sensing. All approaches were explained in detail and all following analysis were done using actual data in …

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Impressions of AniMove 2016 at MPI in Germany

Very intense days at the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology at the Lake Konstanz, Germany, with AniMove courses and evening keynotes. The AniMove participants learn a huge diversity of animal movement techniques, spatial data analysis and remote sensing, all in open-source software R and QGIS. Great evening keynotes by the director Martin Wikelski and Iain Couzin present the vast variety of …

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Some books related to AniMove activites has already been published or will be published in 2017. Moreover, various related writing activities are planned and will be announced on our webpage.

• "Analysis and mapping of animal movement in R" by Safi and Kranstauber,

• "Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists - using Open Source software" by Wegmann, Leutner and Dech, available here: