AniMove Workshop and Symposium:
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our workshop and symposium is approaching. It will take place end of September (20-25th) in Konstanz, Germany and focusing on newest developments within the AniMove topics.

Beside talks which should be rather on a working level than shiny and which should trigger some discussions and address open issues, we will have workshops on conceptual discussions on needed developments, as well as hands-on workshops on newest developments within the AniMove topics.

Our early bird registration is opened until end of July - register now!


Organize a workshop:
a topic which interests you

The AniMove workshop and symposium aims at a "gathering of the minds" like meeting, hence any type of workshop from "how to I import my data properly?" to "what are the top 5 most crucial things to consider?" up to "the most advanced new method" is welcome. Please submit your workshop or an idea for a workshop to Also think to organize it in a group, which will also foster collaborations, knowledge exchange etc.

Already submitted workshops are currently prepared and will be announced soon. A list of workshop organizers are already listed on our webpage.

and of course present your work in a 10min talk!

Submit your abstract with your registration.


Book a room: in the MPI guest house

we have limited space in the MPI guest house, hence book a room as soon as possible. The rooms will be booked on a first-come first-serve basis. Moreover we listed some hotels and guest houses on our workshops webpage.


Book "Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists - Using Open Source Software" soon available

 for more details on this book please see - a book specifically written for animal movement analysis by Kamran Safi and Bart Kranstauber will also be available soon - please check our webpage for updates.


let us know about AniMove related news

we are happy to post new articles, projects, findings or other schools and activities